Linden trees

Imagine that these are linden trees. June it’s their season. My college is on a boulevard full of linden trees. In june, before exams, imagine my mood for learning. Kisses are exhaustive and plenipotentiary surrounded by the smell of linden flowers. Dreams get a real and palpable silver contour. Somehow, bitter tears taste sweet under a linden tree. Its flowers have this amazing power of turning time according to your needs. Find a linden tree and hug him. Like I did yesterday.


You look down but you did nothing wrong. All the nights, all the days pass in silence, covering with their loud silence the pure truth. You did nothing wrong.


Look! The world is performing circus for you! See their clown faces, some sad, some happy, but all having the necessary big red nose. Listen! The sound is travelling the air for you! Slices of words, phrases, some sad, some happy, but all having the necessary “ah” or “wow” or “sh…t” prefix. Look, listen, but don’t touch. All will vanish like a soap bubble hold by a dry hand. Da, all the world’s a stage, totus mundus…